Turkey Purge: The drama , by children who are faced with seperation from parents, is growing

Turkey Purge

The drama , by children who are faced with seperation from parents, is growing.

By Ali Emir Pakkan
One morning, a police officer broke into their house . There were three children and parents who are teachers. First, they arrested the father, then the mother. 3 boys were left alone in the house.

Due to State of Emergency in the country, custody has been increased to 30 days. Parents were under custody for a month. They were not allowed to speak to their lawyers. They were not aware of their convinctions. During interrogation, they were asked why they had been working in the schools shut by the government. These schools were the most successful schools in Turkey that were opened by Hizmet movement supporters. Apparently being a teacher was a felony.

Parents are in jail for the past two months. 3 boys, aged 10,14, and 17 , had to move in with their grandmother. Convicted teachers are waiting for their trial date! The conditions in their cell is worsening. There is torture, isolation, and limitation to visitors. A letter sent to the children reads: ” There are 6 month old infants! I do not even want to think about the effects of being without mothers and fathers”.

There are more than 100 thousand people arrested in Turkey and more than 50 thousand are jailed. We do not know how many children are left without their parents.

Families are expecting democratic countries to be more sensitive to the infringement of law and the felonies against innocent people. International communities, human rights associations and non profit charity institutions should help the children whose parents are jailed before its too late.

(.) By Ali Emir Pakkan, freelesjournalist, Turkish..